Ademak Launches Easy E-Office ... making offices work digitally
Digital Document Management
E-Office Management and Filing System

Gone are the days when an office was characterised by heaps of papers and documents on desks and piles of files in every corner. Now, thanks to digital technology, office staff need not waste precious time to find a document or to send paper inter-office memos that may not reach their destination.

With digital technology, businesses are not only getting a face-lift for their offices, but they are also finding innovative and productive ways to improve administration and management operations.

The convergence of communications with computer technology also brings about exciting new documents ideal for the modern office environment.

Effectively implementing this "paperless" office environment is not necessarily an expensive venture for companies and organisations in relation to its advantages. How an office is, or should be, wired depends entirely on the nature of an organisation's business.

It is inevitable that the concept of a digital office will soon become a must as we usher in the era of electronic commerce. Furthermore, with the Indian government striving towards a digital office environment through the electronic government (EG) system, it is prudent for businesses and other organisations to explore the possibility of jumping onto the bandwagon.

Digital Filing and Archiving

Every document has its own importance in any office operation or management. Hence, there is a need to preserve such documents for longer periods of time. The age-old practice of filing documents away in folders is surely outdated by today's standards.

Manual Filing

A manual filing system has far too many drawbacks:

• Undesirable amount of storage space
• Lack of confidentiality
• Money spent on filing supplies
• Increased probability of mismatched documents
• Difficulty in searching for or retrieving documents
• Lost, damaged or misplaced documents

To replace the manual filing system and eliminate these drawbacks altogether, ADEMAK has unveiled an easy, user-friendly and affordable document management system called Easy E-Office (E² Project).

E² Project helps improve the flow of work for people in office environments by providing them with a digital workspace that increases their access to information, their productivity and their creativity.

Easy E-Office

This latest technological solution promises to change the current complications of a manual filing system into a streamlined and automatic process. With Easy E-Office, all documents can be completed, delivered, stored and retrieved through an effortless automated process. This means that paper files and folders overflowing in cramped cabinets or on shelves can be efficiently converted into digital files for electronic archiving and filing. This results in documents being processed and retrieved quickly without the usual paper trail. The best part is that Easy E-Office allows the means to store just about everything - from spreadsheets, letters and invoices to E-sized drawings, photographs and digital photographs - without the worry of adequate storage space.

The impact of changing over to Easy E-Office is remarkable. This cost-effective document management solution greatly reduces administrative overhead and enables faster and easier distribution of documents within the office.

Not only that, by streamlining its internal procedures, an organisation is able to respond more quickly to users and customers, and to positively resolve issues both internally and externally. Undoubtedly, all these advantages contribute to staff productivity and business growth of the organisation. The picture below shows high-level principles around scanning and storing documents in CM/MIS:

Why should you adopt Easy E-Office?

In short, here are the main reasons why a business or government agency should adopt Easy E-Office:

• Elimination of physical paperwork
• Savings in costs & time
• Savings in space for filing equipment
• Fast storage & archiving of documents
• Fast search & retrieval of documents
• Instant distribution of information
• User-defined access rights
• Easy tracking of document movement
• Less time consumption and better office management

Main Features of Easy E-Office

• User-friendly interface and Windows-based
• Fast storage & archiving of documents
• Auto reply reminder
• Easy to search & retrieval of documents
• Easy tracking of document movement
• User-defined access rights
• Secure confidentiality
• Multi-function display
• Printing & E-mailing facility
• Backup option for data safety

Organise your work any way you like

E² Project emulates a manual filing system. All you need to do is select a virtual filing cabinet and place your documents under various easy-to-find headings. The best part is that the system allows simultaneous access of data by users in an office network.

Reduces Physical Space and Saves Time

The first thing that any organisation would notice after adopting the Easy E-Office system is the drastic reduction in the amount of physical space required to store files. Envision this: Paper documents occupying 500 linear feet of shelf space (about 54 drawer cabinets) could now be stored on a single shelf thanks to the inexpensive hard disk drive technology!

Also, the amount of time spent by office personnel to search for and to handle files would be greatly reduced by this efficient digital filing system. Correspondence and feedback would be enhanced, since company addresses and reference details would be readily available on-screen. One would be able to quickly refer to previous correspondence and reply in a minimal amount of time.

Technical Support

Installation: Our management staff will supervise the implementation of E2 Project. We will guide you on the usage and administration of the document management system step-by-step until you become familiar with its user-friendly features.

Telephone Support & On-Site Visits: To ensure successful implementation, we will visit you on-site whenever you need assistance, whether it is for additional training, database audit, or for further consultation & customisation. You can also phone us directly for simple troubleshooting.

E-mail Assistance: For specific technical queries, please e-mail our support desk at

Customisation: Our team of "hands-on" software partners will be able to provide you with a high degree of customisation services to suit your individual organisation requirements.

Easy E-Office™ is a Trademark of Ademak Global Consulting